Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013

6:48 p.m.


Ate too much at dinner. Hate the feeling of being over-bloated and stuffed. Can't get comfortable, and no clean (irony ahead!) yoga pants to put on.

Dinner was delicious, though - why I ate so much. Also hubby annoying me. Why can't we have nice conversation at dinner? We used to. Then attempts to pick fight after dinner, or am I too sensitive? I don't even know anymore, whose fault it is that we got to this place.

I want to go for a walk. It's icy and cold. I hate winter.

Goals tomorrow are: lots more water (8 oz at waking & before bed, plus more throughout the day), lots less coffee (try to cut it off after noon), only two main meals for day, no food after 8 pm, more exercise.

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